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March 25, 2024

Chickpea Tikka Masala w/ Quinoa


- 32oz. Chickpeas, Drained (Cooked)
- 2 tbsp. Coconut Oil
- ½ Large Onion (Diced)
- ½ tsp. Fresh Ginger
- 1 ¼ tsp. Turmeric
- 1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
- 2 tsp. Paprika
- 1 tbsp. Garam Masala
- 1 ½ tbsp. Tomato Sauce
- 1 cup. Coconut Milk
- 2 tsp. Coconut Palm Sugar (Optional)
- 2 tsp. Ground Cumin
- 2 tsp. Ground Coriander
- 1 tsp. Sea Salt
- 1 Lime
- Cooked Quinoa


1. In a large sauce pan over medium heat, add the oil.

2. Once the oil is heated, add in the onion and ginger. Reduce the heat. Add sprinkle of sea salt. stir together: Sauté until the
onions are translucent and the ginger are fragrant (4 minutes)

3. Reduce heat to medium. Add in the ground cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne pepper, paprika and garam masala.
Stir into the onion mix to combine. Add in the tomato sauce and add in a splash of water and sauté it all together - heat
up the spices to bring out more flavor (3-4 minutes)
Feel free to add more splashes of water to keep it moving.

4. Add in the tomato sauce. Stir everything together. Reduce to a steady simmer and let it all simmer together (5 minutes)

5. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully pour the contents into a blender. If your blender is a glass blender let it
cool before blending. Add in your a teaspoon of sea salt and the sugar now.
Blend for (2 minutes) until everything is fully blended and smooth.
Pour the sauce back into the pan.

7. Pour in the coconut milk and stir to combine. Allow to simmer for (3 minutes). Taste the curry and season with salt and pepper if you desire.
Remove the curry from the heat and squeeze the lime over the top of the curry, stir to combine. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

8. Allow to cool slightly and then serve. Serve with some quinoa or some naan bread as great pairing options.


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